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Nekton a name which is continuously working towards enhancing the life of rural India. Our effort is to work with and empower the rural youth to bring the visible change in the life of the the rural India through digitalized way. In the course we have tied up with central & state governments and their agencies for the best facilitation of the youth.

The Common Services Centers Scheme (CSC)

Common Services Centers are meant for the front-end delivery points for Government, private and social sector services to rural citizens of India. The idea is to develop a platform that can enable private and social sector organizations to integrate their social and commercial goods for the benefit of rural population of IT as well as non-IT services.

a) An ICT enabled CSC can

  • Provide citizen centric services of the state and central governments in a convenient and   efficient manner across rural India.
  • Enhance the accountability, transparency and responsiveness of the Government to its citizen′s needs.
  • Provide efficient and cost effective methods of service delivery  to departments and  agencies
  • Allow private and social sector to collaborate with the Government to offer world class services in India.
  • Train village level entrepreneurs in business and IT management skills
  • Empower the rural citizen through information distribution and markets linkages.

b) The Structure of the CSC Scheme

CSC Project implementation and operational structure is a three layered structure, that includes State Designated Agency (SDA), Services Centre Agency (SCA) & Village Level entrepreneur (VLE)

  • Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE): The VLE is the key to the success of the CSC operations. A good VLE would be the one who has good entrepreneurial skills, strong social commitment as well as respect within the community. The VLE would manage the CSC business at the ground level. Selection and proper training of the VLE would play a vital role in effective implementation of the CSCs. The VLEs would report to the SCA

  • Service centre agency (SCA): The SCA would be the prime driver of the CSC eco-systems. The SCA would be the owner of the CSC network in predefined areas of operations in the state. The SCA would undertake activities such as identifying the required applications and services, harnessing the state network, identify and training the VLE, establishing the CSC (either directly or through the VLE), supplying, aggregating and updating content and services and so on. The SCA would be supported by the NLSA and the respective Service centre agency (SCA) to implement the CSC Scheme

  • State Designated Agency (SDA): At the third level would be the agency designed by state- The Sate Designated Agency (SDA) – to facilitate implementation as well as provide policy guidelines from time to time, Government to citizens (G2C) services, and disbursement of financial/revenue support to the SCAs

c) CSC Service Profile

The CSCs would offer a multitude of services ranging in the areas of E-Government, education, health, agriculture, commercial, retail, etc. It is to be noted that delivery of Government services would be mandatory for the CSCs. To that effect, possible service areas are listed below:

The Village Level Entrepreneur

The Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) is the first and the foremost part of E-Governance scheme. The company is to select VLEs as per selection criteria suggested by Government.

Responsibilities of the VLE

  • Effective Service Delivery: The VLE will provide all the services to citizens which are required by CSC, through his company will act as a service delivery point where he delivers services through which the population of the catchments area benefits.

  • Sales and Promotion: The VLE will be actively involved in the sales process of the products and services given to him. By all his skill and social relationship.

  • Feedback: It is the VLEs responsibility to provide feedback at a regular interval to the company.

  • Relation with Government functionaries: The VLE shall maintain cordial relationship with Government and Panchayat functionaries at the local level.